“Oh, come, angel band,
Come and around me stand;
Oh, bear me away on your snowy wings
To my eternal home…”

-Oh, Come, Angel Band-

(John Haskell, 1860)

The Angel Band Farm Bed and Breakfast was so named by the family matriarch, Edna Stemple Weaver (who died in 2001), in homage to her favorite gospel hymn. The B&B offers respite for your weekend retreat.  Operated by Steve and Stephanie Weaver, the 22-acre Angel Band Farm was once owned by the Gall family, longtime residents of Arden, and proprietors of the village post office and general store.  The farm was established circa 1850 along the beautiful Tygart River near a waterfall pool and ferns, and it produced corn and garden crops as well as hay for many years.  The Weaver family purchased the farm in 1919 and are the proprietors today.  The farmhouse has undergone an extensive 5-year restoration project that stripped the house to its original skeleton and restored it to its former glory, as constructed by the Galls.   

At Angel Band, pets are always welcome.  The venue offers restful nights in each of their four bedrooms, and quiet afternoons strolling the grounds, exploring the Tygart River, visiting the waterfall, and relaxing on the deep and wide porch overlooking your surroundings.  You’ll enjoy filling meals and the quiet retreat of a warm soak in a claw-foot tub. 

For more information visit their website:  www.angelbandfarm.com