The community of Philippi offers an extensive array of recreational opportunities.  The Dayton Park is the pride of Philippi, in terms of family friendly fun and recreation.  The park is widespread and offers something for every member of the family to do.  From expanses of open fields where the whole family (as well as the family pets) can burn off excessive energy, to picnic areas and playgrounds, there is no end to the fun. 

It seems everyone’s favorite part of the park in the summer is the pool.  Philippi’s swimming pool is a large, fairly new, modern facility with deep and shallow ends for both the novice and advanced swimmer.  The exposed location allows you to advantage of the warm summer sun, and the adjacent covered area lets you get some shaded relief on the hottest of days. 

The nearby basketball courts are a great place for a game of one-on-one or impromptu group scrimmage.   There are two additional playgrounds located within Philippi.  You will also find tennis courts, more basketball courts and baseball field (where the local Little Leagues hold their games).  Other recreational venues include an archery range, weight lifting facilities, and racquet ball courts. 

There are plenty of other recreational areas in Philippi found at the the Alderson-Broaddus College Coliseum and the Philippi City Building.