Dr. Barbara Smith, the Barbour County author and editor of some twenty books, has recently published a new novel with the title, Family Court. 

“This time it’s a real mystery”, Smith says.  “The blurb on the back cover describes the situation:  Before the vengeful killing of three-year-old Little Tim, the lives of Family Court Judge Tim Bennett and his family were relatively normal.  Now…”

Smith’s novel is located in West Virginia, the setting for most of her books.  The new publication, along with several others by the author, is available at the Garden Market where copies were delivered to store manager Ron Wilson, pictured above.  “Family Court would make a great Christmas gift”, one fellow-writer commented.

Family Court may also be secured for $ 12.00, including tax and shipping, by contacting Dr. Smith at (304) 457-3038 or from Wilson in-person at the Garden Market, 107 South Main Street in Philippi.