The City of Belington is one that predates the founding of the United States.  Bealin’s, was named for a Jewish Merchant in 1855, and supplanted the original moniker, Barker’s Settlement.  (Elias Barker had come to the area in 1766-1770 and sought to carve out a life for himself in the great West Virginia country side.)  It was not until the late 19th Century that Belin’s changed its name. On the eastern bank of the Tygart Valley River, the city of Belington came into being.  

As Belington is a city rich in history and inviting to visitors, many people come here to spend a day of exploring and learning. As they do, the Belington City Park offers a place to relax and enjoy a meal between excursions.  The park is one of rustic charm in the rural mountains of Barbour County.  A gazebo sits atop a low rise and overlooks a playground area.  The grassy space, dotted with shade trees, offers plenty of room for blanket picnics, and throwing a Frisbee with the kids.

Picturesque and idyllic, the entire park has something to offer everyone, from relaxation to recreation.  The park is a lovely venue for parties, and the gazebo provides for the perfect backdrop to any photo setting, be it engagement, wedding, high school senior portraits, or family portraits.  Be sure to keep Belington City Park in mind for your next event.